Did you know that there is an access portal for Parishioners to our Parish records? The system is called “My Own Church” and is found on our website (www.ourfatimafamily.com). Church members must register for a User Name and Password to access the “My Own Church” website. Click the “New User?” button and then click on the small arrow by Organization and find “Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Huntington.” Complete the fields on the New User Registration Form. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk *. Multiple email addresses are requested because the system must match an email address to identify the family in the database. (If you need to update your email before you register, contact the Parish Office.) Click “Submit Registration” and a request is sent to the Parish Office staff who will accept your registration and send you an email containing your User Name and Temporary Password. Next week we will talk about what you can see and do with this new ID and password.