The 31 Club

A 31 Club is constituted of people in a parish or other organization whose interest in seeing an increase in vocations occur motivates them to attend Mass on a specific date once per month and offer up its benefits for the intention of increased vocations to the ministerial priesthood and the consecrated life.

The overall objective of a 31 Club is to maintain a constant flow of prayer petitions throughout each month on a daily basis to the Powers of Heaven for increased vocations to the Church. An individual taking part selects or is given a specific date (for example, the 15th of the month) on which he or she commits themselves to attend Holy Mass and offer that sacrifice up for increased vocations. The intent is to have as many dedicated persons as possible making a commitment for each of the 28-31 days in a given month. Those persons committed to days 29-31 will typically attend their Mass for the month on a date of their choice that is close to their committed date (either late in the month or early in the following month) in those months that do not include their committed date.

For more information, download our 31 Club Prayer Leaflet. To join the dedicated members of our parish in their prayerful service, contact the Parish Office at 304/525-0866.