Our Lady's Appearance at Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

Fatima, in Portugal, was visited by Our Heavenly, Mother Mary. It was a Message of urgent concern, a practical plan for world peace and a promise from Heaven. It was Heaven’s interventions to save us from martyrdom, war, persecution, enslavement and annihilation. It was a way to save our souls from Hell. It was meant for every man, woman and child.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, appeared six times to three shepherd children; Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. It was near the town of Fatima, Portugal that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God chose to appear. In 1917, it was an area that had remained faithful to the Catholic Church during the recent persecutions by the government. Between May 13 and October 13, 1917 the Blessed Virgin told the children that She had been sent by God with a message for every man, woman and child living in our century. Coming at a time when the world was torn apart by war and violence, She promised that God would grant peace to the entire world if Her requests for prayer, reparation and consecration were heard and obeyed.

The Messages from the Blessed Virgin repeatedly affirmed the urgency of praying the Rosary daily, of wearing the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel and of committing acts of sacrifice and reparations. The essence of Our Lady’s Message to the world that she confided to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco is referred to as the "Secret" which actually consisted of three parts. The first vision was publicly revealed as a horrifying vision of Hell and an urgent request for acts of sacrifice and prayer to save souls.

The second part of the Secret predicted the beginning of World War II and held the plea for the Consecration of Russia as a condition of world peace. It also predicted the assured triumph of Her Immaculate Heart following the consecration of Russia and the conversion to the Catholic Faith.

The visions also revealed that Jacinta and Francisco would be taken to Heaven soon, but that Lucia was to stay and that God had plans for her to spread the knowledge of Her Immaculate Heart. Jacinta and Francisco died in the influenza pandemic in 1919 and 1920. The two were later beatified, the last step to sainthood, by the late Pope John Paul during his Fatima visit in 2000.

The third and final Secret was revealed by the Vatican later than the other parts of the Secret. This part of the Secret predicted that, "a bishop dressed in white," who the children said appeared to be the Pope, "was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him." It was later confirmed by Lucia that it was indeed the Pope.

Later after the attempt on the Pope’s life on May 13, 1981 in St. Peter’s Square by a Turkish gunman named Mehmet Ali Agca, the Vatican confirmed the foretelling of the assassination of the Pope through the visions revealed in the Secret. The shooting took place on one of the anniversaries of the 1917 apparitions.

In gratitude for his life being saved, the late Pope had one of the 9mm bullets which were fired at him placed in the crown of the statue at Fatima.

Sister Lucia Dos Santos died on Sunday, February 13, 2005 at her Carmelite convent at Coimbra in central Portugal, where she had been living since the 1940s where she served the order of Carmelite Sisters.