SCRIP Program

Your time dedicated to planning and purchasing SCRIP is a gift to our church. Your time, with the intention of having a retailers’ contribution sent to Our Lady of Fatima, is helping support our parish school and building God’s kingdom.

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is simply gift cards for places you routinely go to such as:
> Grocery stores
> Gas stations
> Restaurants
> Pharmacies
> Department stores
> Clothing stores
> Hotels

Our parish receives a rebate up to 16% on each gift card!

How do I use SCRIP?

At the store, restaurant, gas station, and even online, pay for your items using your gift card(s).

When and Where can I purchase SCRIP?

After weekend Masses in the Vestibule of the Church and during the week in the Parish office. Parish office hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

How do I buy SCRIP

Fill out a SCRIP TO GO form and give to the SCRIP cashier with your payment. SCRIP TO GO forms are located at the SCRIP table. The SCRIP cashier will give you the cards you have marked on the SCRIP TO GO form. We can only accept cash or checks payable to Our Lady of Fatima. You can also order SCRIP for places we do not keep in stock. Visit the SCRIP table and pick up a CATEGORIZED FAMILY ORDER FORM.

Purchase SCRIP online at Shop With SCRIP! It's Easy!

Shop with SCRIP

  • 1. E-mail the scrip coordinator at scrip@olofatima.org to obtain the enrollment code.
  • 2. Once you have the enrollment code, Go to www.shopwithscrip.com
  • 3. Click on "Create Account."
  • 4. Fill in all required information and click "I Accept."
  • 5. Choose two challenge questions from the list and provide answers.
  • 6. Enter the enrollment code for Our Lady of Fatima.
  • 7. Place your order by 10:00 a.m. on Monday for pickup Thursday after 9:00 a.m. in the parish office OR after weekend Mass. If Monday is a holiday, then orders are due on Tuesday with pickup on Friday. Note: During the summer months, orders will only be placed every other week.
  • 8. You can pay for your order using PrestoPay (please see instructions below) and have it automatically deducted from your checking account or drop off your check to the parish office by Noon on Monday.

PrestoPay™ Online Payment Made Easy

Pay online when you order using ShopWithScrip’s PrestoPay. For just $0.15 an order, save yourself time and the hassle of a paper check, and pay with a virtual one instead. In fact, all the information you need to register is printed right on your check.PrestoPay is not a credit card system, but instead uses the secure ACH electronic funds transfer system.

Sign up today for PrestoPay in JUST THREE EASY STEPS!

1. Register: Registration ScreenSign on to your shopwithscrip account and click on the "here" link to enter your account information in a secure environment.

2. Verify: Enter the two small amounts that Great Lakes Scrip Center deposits in your specified account (takes about a day or two).

3. Finish: Approval Code ScreenWhen your approval code is emailed to you, forward the e-mail to the SCRIP coordinator, at scrip@olofatima.org. Once you are approved by the SCRIP coordinator, a final email will be sent as notification you are ready for online payment. To learn more or get started, log on to ShopWithScrip.com and click on the PrestoPay link in the left side navigation bar of your Family Home page.

Where can I use scrip?

There are hundreds of places to use scrip. We keep the most popular cards in our SCRIP TO GO inventory including:

SCRIP To Go Inventory
AEROPOSTLE $25 KOHL’S $25/$100
AMAZON.COM $25/$100 LOWE’S $25
ARBY’S $10 MARATHON $25/$100
CHILI’S $25/$50 PANERA BREAD $10/$25
CINEMARK $25 ROCCO’S $25/$50
COLD STONE $10 SHEETZ $25/$100
CRACKER BARREL $10/$25 SHELL $25/$50
CVS $25/$100 SPEEDWAY $25/$100
EXXON $50 SUBWAY $10/$50
HOME DEPOT $25/$100 TARGET $25/$100
ITUNES $15/$25 WALMART/SAM’S $25/$100/$250

Get Scrip in minutes with ScripNow!

To order, visit the brand page of the retailer on ShopWithScrip.com and select the ScripNow! product of your choice.
1. Order your ScripNow! eCard.
2. Pay with PrestoPay to download your ScripNow! in minutes.
3. Receive an email when your eCard is available on your ShopWithScrip account.
4. Go to the ScripNow! link on your family home page to view and print your eCard.

ScripNow! Is available for several merchants including:

Amazon Walmart/Sam's Logan's Lowes
iTunes Lands' End Buffalo Wild Wings Home Depot
Dell Sears O'Charley's CVS
Shutterfly Kmart Chili's Marriott
Barnes & Noble JCPenney Starbucks Hyatt
Best Buy Old Navy Applebee's UNO

Reloadable Gift Cards

Reloadable gift cards must have been purchased through shopwithscrip.com in order for our parish to get credit for the purchase. Funds will be added to the card(s) overnight if reload orders are paid with PrestoPay and submitted by 3:30 PM EST Monday - Friday. NOTE: Except for FoodFair, CARDS ARE NOT RELOADABLE IN THE STORE. For a list of reloadable cards, visit shopwithscrip.com, click "Shop" and "Reload."

How does the Kroger gift card work?

Kroger has changed their procedure for working with non-profits to use their Kroger Plus Cards. The new set-up instructions can be found HERE.

How does the FoodFair gift card work?

FoodFair has recently introduced the Foodfair Community card. These cards can be used in two different ways. The first option is to have the cashiers scan the cards at the register like a "loyalty" card. This will keep track of all purchases made by members of Our Lady of Fatima. OLOF will receive a 2% rebate check on all purchases linked to these cards. The second option allows Our Lady of Fatima to receive a higher percentage rebate. You may deposit money on to the card at any Foodfair location and use it as a prepaid card. With a minimum deposit of $100, using this option will allow Our Lady of Fatima to receive a 5% rebate. Please sign up at the Scrip table in the back of church after each weekend Mass or see the sign up sheet in the parish office. When you sign up please fill in all the information, that way the card will be mailed directly to your home. Please include your phone number, because you can give the cashier your phone number if you forget your card and we can still get credit for your purchases. Note though, we will not be able to split this rebate with school families because of how it is reported to the church.

Why should I use SCRIP?

Businesses are donating money to our parish, but it is up to all of us to help collect it by using SCRIP gift cards. Not using SCRIP is throwing away money that could come back to our parish. Please help ensure that no money is being wasted!


Visit the SCRIP table after Mass,
or contact the SCRIP Coordinator or the Parish Office at 304-525-0866.