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Using your smart phones, tablets, and computers to grow your faith!


St MichaelNote that Fr. George has distributed prayer cards throughout the church with wonderful Catholic prayers for our use. He has also started leading the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer following Mass. Composed by Pope Leo XIII, "This prayer is a prayer against evil, so when we pray the St. Michael Prayer, we are praying for protection from evil in our lives and in our world." You can find more information and the history of this prayer at Knights of the Holy Eucharist.


MariansThe Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary is a fraternal community of consecrated life in the Roman Catholic Church. The members of the Congregation are perhaps best known for their work promoting the message of Divine Mercy. They are also known for their devotion to Mary Immaculate, dedication to praying for the poor souls in Purgatory, and active service to the Church. Their website is found at www.marian.org. Download or view PDF format of Marian Helper magazine issues. You can request that the magazine be mailed to you at home.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the stresses of the current world order? Covid, masks?, Afghanistan, Haiti, drought, flooding, civil unrest, inflation, etc. All present cause for concern in our lives. What should our response be as Catholics? "O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!" Find this beautiful prayer in the Novena of Surrender to Jesus. This prayer was given to Fr. Don Dolindo Ruotolo who was a Neapolitan priest (1882-1970), stigmatized miracle worker and “mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit”. You can see from this novena that much of what our Lord wants flies in the face of normal human inclination and reason. We can only rise to this level of thinking through the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit. All nine days of the Novena can be found on FORMED at watch.formed.org/the-novena-of-surrender-to-jesus


SocialMediaAs a parent, do you ever wonder what dangers for your children lurk just out of sight on their phones and tablets connected to the Internet? Consider a parental control app to keep your kids safe online, canopy.us/bean/. Canopy’s APP automatically detects and blocks pornographic images and videos on every single website on the internet, giving parents confidence that their families are safe in the digital world. Canopy is the only APP anywhere that detects sexting and alerts parents immediately, so families can know when it's time for important conversations. Works on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows smartphones, tablets, and computers. Try it free for 30 days.


the Eucharistic HostFollowing up on Fr. George's sermon on the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, explore the truth and beauty of Christ's real presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture, to its profound role in the life of the Church and her members. "Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist" explores this story of salvation in 6 episodes. Find it on the FORMED website or app. Free Access is provided thanks to our Parish.

Access formed.org or the FORMED App and select sign up. Search by our zip code 25705 in the "Find your parish or organization" list. Enter your email address and the system will send you an email link to login. If you have already signed up, select Sign In. Enter your email address and the system will send you an email link to login.



Sts Anne and JoachimPope Francis has established the World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly to be celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of July.He said he was moved to establish it not just because of the importance of grandparents and the elderly but particularly because of the neglect and isolation so many grandparents and seniors experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The choice of the fourth Sunday of July is to connect it, as closely as possible, to the July 26 feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus. He hopes that, on this day, grandchildren will visit their grandparents thanking God for the gift of grandparents, praying for them, and entrusting to Him those who have died, particularly during the pandemic. He has permitted the granting of a Plenary Indulgence, under the usual conditions, for all those who participate in liturgical celebrations observing it, those who unite themselves spiritually to those celebrations if they are unable to leave their homes, and those who visit, in person or virtually, their grandparents or elderly brothers and sisters in need. A plenary indulgence requires that the individual be in the state of grace by the completion of the acts, and have complete detachment from sin. The person must also sacramentally confess their sins and receive Communion as well as saying a prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father. For more information about receiving a plenary indulgence goto EWTN.


With the travel season upon us, finding a Church and Mass times can sometimes be a daunting task. The free App Mass Times For Travel makes this so much easier. Download the app and you are all set to type in your vacation spot and you will be given a list of Catholic Churches in that area, along with the addresses and Mass times. This information can also be accessed by going to masstimes.org The website also includes a map. Going to Mass on vacation is a great opportunity for us to engage with the community and learn about the locals while growing in our Catholic Faith.


Formed A great resource is provided by the Parish through the FORMED online library. The procedures to access FORMED are pretty simple. Access formed.org and select sign up. Search by our zip code 25705 in the "Find your parish or organization" list and select Our Lady of Fatima. Enter your email address and the system will send you an email link to login.

If you have already signed up, select Sign In. Enter your email and again the system will send you an email link to login.

FORMED is accessible from your computer, from your iOS and Android phones, from Apple and Android TV Apps, as well as a ROKU Channel.


Purgatory ImageIf you are using MyParispApp, note that thebackground photo has changed to represent the year of St. Joseph. Click the "hamburger" icon [Purgatory Image ]in the upper left corner to access your settings. Click "Find a Parish" to locate our parish or other local parishes. The quickest way to locate parishes is to enter your zipcode. Select multiple locations to add them to your list of parishes. Note that you can add parishes where you like to vacation or where other family lives. Click the arrow to the right of the parish name to switch parishes. Click the "Unfavorite" button to remove the current parish.

Under the list of parishes, two new options have been added. You can change the text size to small, medium, or large and you can change the language default to Spanish if you prefer.

If you don’t have our Parish App, you can download it at myparishapp.com .


Have you had a chance to enjoy any of the plethora of Catholic podcasts available to us? Lifeteen.com/blog/, a Catholic website created for Youth Ministers, has a blog post with their choice for the top 5 podcasts every Youth Minister should be listening to right now available at lifeteen.com/blog/top-5-podcast-rn/ These are good recommendations for all of us too. They include The Bible in a Year podcast (media.ascensionpress.com/all-bible-in-a-year-episodes/) with Fr. Mike Schmitz and The Crunch,(thecrunchcast.com/ a comedy podcast. Check out one of them and let us know what you think.


Purgatory ImagePurgatory BoxHave you ever heard of a Purgatory Box? This old tradition is a way of encouraging daily prayers for the souls in Purgatory. It was used by many great saints of our church including St. Padre Pio and St. Philip Neri. A way of implementing a Purgatory Box can be found at the following website: http://bit.ly/29K1ABJ .


The souls in purgatory died in the mercy of God, this is why they are called holy; however, because they still had attachment to sin at the time of their death, they must undergo a spiritual purification of their souls before they are able to fully love God with their whole heart, mind, and soul for all eternity. Those in purgatory cannot pray for themselves, this is why they are also called "poor" souls. They can no longer merit anything for themselves and they must rely entirely on others to pray and make sacrifices on their behalf. It is an act of charity that we can give for those we have known and loved, for our ancestors who gave us life, for those who were our benefactors, for those whose memory is lost, and for those who have no one else to pray for them.

At americaneedsfatima.org read a collection of "Quotes from Saints about Holy Souls in Purgatory." Then at catholiccompany.com read suggestions of "20 Ways to Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory."


Great Adventure GameThe task and responsibility of educating our children in our faith ultimately belongs to us parents. We rely on the church to assist thru Faith Formation for Children and our Parish School but we must reinforce the training through our own practice of the faith. Ascension Press has introduced the new Ascension Kids brand which is dedicated to creating faithfully-Catholic, high-quality resources for children ages Toddler - 12. You can find books, gifts, and curriculum that will help you inspire their curiosity, and strengthen their faith. Check out "My First Interactive Mass Book," "Catholic Bible Chronicles," "Catholic Flash Cards," "Bible Activities," puzzles & games at ascensionpress.com/pages/kids.


stationsThe Rosary of the Seven Sorrows dates back to the Middle Ages, but it gained new popularity following the Marian apparitions in Kibeho, which have been approved by the Catholic Church. During Mary's apparitions to Marie-Claire Mukangango, she assigned the young visionary a mission to reintroduce this special rosary to the world. She (the Holy Virgin) promised that when prayed with an open and repentant heart, the rosary would win us the Lord's forgiveness for our sins and free our souls from guilt and remorse. She also promised that over time, the rosary would develop within us a deep understanding of why we sin, and that knowledge would give us the wisdom and strength to change or remove any internal flaws, weaknesses of character, or personality faults causing unhappiness and keeping us from enjoying the joyous life God intended for us... Learn how to pray this Chaplet/Rosary of the Seven Sorrows at https://www.immaculee.com/pages/7-sorrows-rosary-prayer or at https://www.marian.org/mary/prayers/sorrows.php.

Download a PDF detailing these prayers HERE on our Parish website.


If you've ever wanted to read the Bible but didn't know where to start you may want to try a podcast by Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Bible In a Year hosted by Ascension Press. It started January 1 but you can still sign up and listen. Each day's podcast is less then 25 minutes long. All Bible In A Year Episodes

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