The Wailing Wall

In Jerusalem there is a section to the east of the old wall that once surrounded the ancient Temple called "The Wailing Wall." For centuries pious Jews would go to this area and write their urgent prayer requests on a piece of material and place the material within the cracks of the wall. They would stand there for hours and pray while others would come to the wall and take out the prayer requests that others had placed in the cracks and pray for them as a sign of solidarity and support for the person who was in dire need.

We of the Parish have launched our own version of the "Wailing Wall." The area dedicated for this purpose is at the back area of the Church where the statue of the Sacred Heart is located. There is a cork board placed there with stick pins. We invite anyone to write on a piece of paper their urgent prayer requests, pray for them there and then leave their written prayer requests pinned to the wall. We then invite others to stop by during the day, pick out one of the prayer requests, and pray about what is written on the paper. When you are done praying, initial the back of the sheet, letting the person know that someone prayed for their need, and stick the paper back on the board for someone else to pray over at another time.

How comforting it will be to the person in need to know that others are literally praying for their urgent need, people whom they may never meet or get to know…..