After you receive your id and password, go to our website, , and click the “My Own Church” button or go directly to Enter your new username and password and click “Log In.” Click the My Family tab and then click “Family Detail.” You can now see the information that we have on record for your family and for each member. (Note that the Diocese has removed any adult children from your records and has moved them to their own record.) By selecting “Edit details” you can update your address, phone number and email. If necessary, change both the “Family Details” and the “Member Details.” Remember to “Save” your updates. If would be extra nice if you were to add a photo of your family and yourself. The photo should not be bigger than 0.5 megabyte (MB) and will be displayed at 130×110 pixels on the screen. The My Offering tab gives you access to “Giving History.” (Note that any online contributions are not shown here.) All Parish gifts are recorded to the Family record rather than an individual record. The last tab at the top is “My Ministry.” The Family Ministries tab will show you what groups you are included in, i.e. Eucharistic Ministers. The Ministry Opportunities section lists what services are currently being monitored. Contact the Parish Office if you’d like to volunteer for one of these services or if you have questions.